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Posts tagged with ‘Maxi Dresses’

  • Giveaway From Style Pantry Closet

    By SP on July 24, 2011
    Hello lovies! In place of an outfit post today, I am giving away clothes from Style Pantry’s closet. These are pieces that I have never worn. Some have tags, some don’t. Never wore them because they are either too big or not long enough. I always try to go up a size for length, but sometimes, that’s not enough. This […]
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  • Vintage Little Black Dress

    By SP on October 17, 2010
    I talked this dress up yesterday, huh? Lol. I had to. It’s feels so beautiful on and looks perfect in real life. The crazy thing is, I have never owned a “LBD”. I know, I know, every woman has to have one in her closet, but I just couldn’t get with the hype until now. Remember, I have always thought […]
  • WeWe Clothing Kimmy Dress

    By SP on October 10, 2010
    Man, yesterday was such a low-key Saturday for hubby & I. We didn’t want to to a darn thing, albeit we had lots to do. Instead, we cooked, ate, played with the kids, watched movies, and of course, the USC football game. As much as we didn’t want to do any work on the new collection, we did. We started […]
  • Leopard Long Sleeve Maxi

    By SP on September 24, 2010
    Hey, Lovies, there’s a story behind this leopard dress. I searched everywhere for it the moment I saw it. I was so desperate, I saw a Chictopian post it up on Chictopia and asked her to buy me the dress in NY and send it over. I promised to pay all expenses and was willing to give interest. Desperate much? […]
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  • WeWe Clothing Maxi + Boyfriend Blazer

    By SP on September 19, 2010
    I usually don’t self promote, but today I am..lol. Not really, actually. Just wearing a dress from my collection. This Kimmy Sunflower dress & Molly in Citrus were and continues to be our best seller. Today I’m rocking it with a blazer I purchased in the Men’s department..shhhh!. Also rocking it with my husband’s Topman beenie that is now mine. […]
  • Tie Dye Maxi Tank Dress

    By SP on September 18, 2010
    My day has started bright and early (9 a.m). Sigh! So I bought this dress about a year ago from a street vendor in Santa Monica (3rd street promenade). I told you I shop anywhere & everywhere. Lol. Wore this dress for the 2nd time last week. I love it so much. It’s seriously the easiest to throw on and […]
  • Maxi Dress + Crop T-shirt

    By SP on September 4, 2010
    Here’s my look today. I’m going to a birthday party at the park, so I wanted to wear something free. I purchased this maxi dress from Planet Blue in Malibu, CA, a couple of years ago. The upper part is a blue tank and the skirt part is the silkiest silk. I love it. Wearing a crop tee I purchased […]