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Posts tagged with ‘The self portraits project’

  • The Embroidered Faces by Maurizio Anzeri

    By SP on July 12, 2011
    Now, these embroidered vintage photographs are crazy amazing! Italian born artist Maurizio Anzeri is known for his series of eerie portraits and photo-sculptures (as he describes his work). According to Yatzer, he has been working on this series of portraits for the past three years and is interested in everything a photograph represents. He visits flea markets and collects photographs […]
  • Natural Belle’s “Self Portraits – I See Myself”

    By SP on December 21, 2010
    So my darling friend, Gina of Haispiraition.blogspot started this idea. It launched yesterday and she has already had a good size of responses from women, including myself. Here is mine here. So you send her your self portraits and list the words that describe you. It’s not a competition or a giveaway. It a self empowerment, encouraging to women regardless […]