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Posts tagged with ‘switzerland’

  • Most Beautiful Living Spaces Around the World

    By SP on July 25, 2013
    Caution: The photos below may cause you to book your next retreat sooner than expected. The group of photos are some of the most beautiful living spaces around the world. From America, across Europe, the Caribbean to Australia, these homes and hotels have been designed with impeccable detail. If you’re interested in a paradise getaway or new ideas to remodel […]
  • The Bird Repeater Watch by Swiss Maker Jaquet Droz

    By greghuntoon on November 29, 2012
    [iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/yJamzhuA1Jc 600px 338px] As the saying goes, beauty is in the details, and this watch from Swiss horologist Jaquet Droz makes good on that saying. Whether this ornate piece is for you or not, you can surely appreciation the dedication to craft elevating this wrist piece to a modern work of art. The case, hands, and buckle are all […]
  • The World’s First Diamond Ring

    By SP on March 26, 2012
    This is insane! The world’s first diamond ring designed by Geneva-based Swiss jeweler, Shawish, unveiled its $70 million ‘dream’ diamond ring at Baselworld. It’s a ring that’s been carved entirely from a giant diamond! Using lasers and traditional diamond cutting and polishing techniques, the ring weighs in at 150 carats. What do you think? Enjoy….xx thank u
  • Hard Graft’s iPhone 4s Leather and Wool Cases

    By greghuntoon on November 21, 2011
    Whether you’re shopping to protect your latest iPhone 4s, or for the phone for a man in your life, Hard Graft’s iPhone cases really are just about the most stylish cases / wallets on planet Earth. Handmade in Switzerland of high-grade leather and premium wool, they have a handful of styles that all scream timeless. We’ve featured a couple of […]
  • For Da Skaters, Dude

    By SP on December 4, 2009
    The group of Nevercrew artists, who specialize in paintings and illustrations, launched their new project. The transformation of a swimming pool into a true work of art: a skate-park installed in Switzerland with a look of giant octopus to the evocative name “Big Pink”.  So freaking rad! Enjoy! thank u
  • Hats

    By SP on July 10, 2009
    How do you wear your hats? Here are ideas for the rebels. We are loving the shapes and sizes of these. Patrizio di Renzo, who is an international fashion and people photographer from Switzerland, shot the images. They actually remind us of looks off the runway for ’10. Of course, they are a tad bit dramatic, but what’s fashion without […]
  • Thirteen Queens by “AlexandFelix”

    By SP on July 2, 2009
    We continue our appreciation for art, photography, design, fashion and the like. Today, we are featuring the work of “AlexandFelix.” Alex Gertschen and Felix Meier from Switzerland. Their work, “Thirteen Queens,” is the most recent of their work. It is reportedly a universe presided over by fantastical queens, everyone with rules and a symbolic value. “Without the use of computers, […]
  • Brad Pitt Buys A $1 Million Rauch Painting

    By SP on June 11, 2009
    Now, I think most of us know that Brad Pitt collects art, right? Well his newest collection is this painting below by Neo Rauch. You can read up on Rauch here – he actually has a remarkable story. The painting looks great, but for almost a $1 million? I guess Brad really loves his art. Put it this way, it’s […]