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Posts tagged with ‘style inspiration’

  • Style Inspiration: Metallics

    By Michal Upchurch on November 14, 2017
    Instead of wearing sequin and suede this holiday season, why not “amp up” your outfit with a bold metallic. Selecting the perfect piece will show your true sense of style. Shop metallic boots, dresses, pants, blazers, skirts. Save Save
  • Style Inspiration: Paisley Prints

    By Michal Upchurch on October 18, 2017
    While most designers were focusing on floral prints and candy stripes for their Spring 2018 collections, there were a few that opted to include the retro print, paisley. This amoeba-esque print that at one point was synonymous with rock star, Prince can be styled down for a bohemian chic look or mixed with other prints for added style and sophistication. […]
  • Fall Closet Essential: The Sweater Dress

    By Michal Upchurch on October 17, 2017
    Not a lot of fuss but oh so much style can be paired with this closet essential, the sweater dress. One of the things we love about this item is it’s a “Wash & Go”. You can simply put it in the washer, hang dry and wear it the next day with your favorite OTK boots and cute blazer or […]
  • Business Casual Looks We Love

    By Michal Upchurch on August 21, 2017
    The term “business casual” in the work place is basically a relaxed dressed up look. Although, some people tend to be more conservative in a professional environment, it doesn’t mean you still can’t be fashion forward. The crisp white shirt can be paired with culottes or floral/bright colored slacks for added flair or upgrade your casual Friday denim outfit with […]
  • Fall Closet Essential: The Duster Coat

    By Michal Upchurch on August 16, 2017
    A duster coat is the perfect item to transition from the summer to fall months. (Side note: We’re not ready. June and July lasted like 2 seconds). Anyway, a super cute way of styling this “closet essential” is pairing it with denim shorts and your favorite heels. A great selection of trending styles is sold here and here (budget-friendly styles). […]
  • Style Inspiration: Layered Florals

    By Michal Upchurch on June 1, 2017
    Just when you thought that Fall was the only season for layers, get inspired to mix and match all your “Spring florals”. The beauty of layered florals is that you can mix different types of fabrics such as sheer, lace and even denim. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy! Save
  • Style Inspiration: Studio 54

    By Michal Upchurch on May 8, 2017
    Do you ever wish you had a time machine to go back to a particular era or event in life? If I ever had the opportunity, I would set my time machine for May, 1978, New York City, 11:30 pm, Studio 54, to be exact. The club scene at Studio 54 appeared to be awesome. Fashion icons like Grace Jones, […]
  • Style Inspiration: Bralette & Skirts

    By Michal Upchurch on April 20, 2017
    Whether you intend to wear it underneath a sheer shirt, under a blazer or simply bare, bra tops are the new crop tops and currently trending for this Spring/Summer 2017 season. While we would love to say there is no wrong way to wear this trend, we all know that one must use a little discretion. A tip when selecting […]
  • Style Inspiration: Earth Tones

    By Michal Upchurch on December 29, 2016
    Warm, earth tone colors such as olive, sienna, camel, beige and sunflower yellow are perfect for any time of the year as they blend well with all skin tones. Although you can easily mix and match these colors, we are loving the monochromatic approach for this A/W 16-17 season. Enjoy! Save Save
  • Perfect Holiday Slip Dress Styles

    By Michal Upchurch on December 9, 2016
    Slip Dresses are a simple yet elegant style to wear to your holiday festivities this season. They have a less is more appeal which eliminates the fuss of a ton of accessories and the item can be easily be paired with your favorite pair of heels or boots. The perfect slip dresses are available here, here, or here Save Save […]