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Posts tagged with ‘snakeskin’

  • Snakeskin Converse All Star

    By SP on June 22, 2011
    I think these are old. If I remember correctly, they came out a couple of years ago, but the asking price was $380. I still have my eyes on them. This Converse was made out of real python skin – which is why it came with a hefty tag. I came across the pictures again when I did a search […]
  • Neon Safari Shirt + Snake Skin Pants

    By SP on May 12, 2011
    So, I totally forgot I had these pants. Granted, I’ve only had them for a month, but I remember promising myself that I liked it so much, I’d wear it every week. I think that’s what I say about every new item in my wardrobe, though. Ha! Enjoy…x Shirt & Pants – Zara Related articles Green Blazer + Lime Sheer […]
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  • Marie Claire Italia – Self Timer

    By SP on April 26, 2011
    Posting this spread from the Marie Claire Italia Magazine (May 2011 issue), mainly because of the shoes – The platforms. Then the fringe bag, and the clothes. You see where this is going right? I love every single piece here. The ivory lace dress is divine, and so is the oversize blouse/tunic in the first pic. The python pants? Sigh. […]
  • Leopard Blouse + Snake Skin Pants + Green Turban & Shoes

    By SP on April 11, 2011
    Hey, Lovers! It’s a good day today. Claiming it. I usually don’t get along with Mondays, but I have a couple of meetings today. Since I switched to designing for brands & manufacturers only (as announced on our other site WeWe Clothing), it’s been work non-stop and meetings galore. I decided to be animalistic today and mix up the prints. […]
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  • Alexander McQueen Knuckle Ring

    By SP on November 6, 2009
    So, what really inspired this post is the Alexander McQueen brass knuckle ring. Saw it on this fly ass chic today, and I recognized it immediately because I had seen the clutches inspired by it (or vice versa). The cool thing is that you won’t be needing the ring if you purchase the clutch – it serves dual purposes, but […]
  • Jimmy Choo Campaign

    By SP on July 15, 2009
    This collection is definitely rough around the edges, and validates the trend we have seen thus far. The studs, mesh, lace, and snakeskin. Also, animal prints. Name the animal, and it’s in this season. Also thigh high boots, which are sometimes called hooker boots are so in. Please, invest in a great pair if you are going this route. DO […]