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Posts tagged with ‘porcelain’

  • Anna Barlow’s Ceramic Desserts

    By admin on July 26, 2013
    Artist Anna Barlow channels her fascination for treats and indulgence in her porcelain and clay dessert sculptures that look deliciously lifelike. She began her ceramics career creating tablewares, but soon realized she was more interested in the food, particularly ice cream, that was served in the tablewares, as opposed to the dishes themselves. Take a look at some of her […]
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  • Luxurious Egyptian Ice-Cream Bowl

    By SP on August 2, 2010
    Can you imagine being served in this Porcelain Egyptian Ice-cream bowl? Will the ice-cream taste any different, or is it that the luxurious experience will make the ice-cream taste better? Mmmm…this is fab! thank u