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Posts tagged with ‘Jacomijn van der Donk handmade jewelry’

  • The Broken Plate Knuckle Rings + Pendant

    By SP on June 1, 2011
    My goodness! Don’t you just love Esty designers? They are so creative. Take The Broke Plate for example, from Baltimore, Maryland, she makes really cool accessories from recycled piece of Johnson Brothers china plates. In fact, she can custom make a piece for you if you have your own China plate. Of course they are breakable, so one would have […]
  • Jacomijn van der Donk Brings Life To Jewelry

    By SP on February 9, 2011
    I love the process of discovery in general. However, I wish I can take a photo of myself when I discover people’s work. My jaw drops and stays that way for a few minutes. Jacomijn van der Donk, whose picture is below, uses materials which once seemed lifeless (paint brushes, goat hair, piano keys and horns), begin life on the […]
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