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Posts tagged with ‘Flickr’

  • Incredible Photo Manipulations by 14 Year Old

    By admin on May 29, 2013
    Looking at the series of photographs below, you will notice a delightful touch of youth and whimsy to them. This is because, unbelievably, they have been photographed and edited by a 14-year-old boy Zev, known in the photography world as Fiddle Oak! His older sister, Nellie, often helps with setup and conceptualization. Regardless, for a 14 and 18 year old […]
  • Bohemian Style Interior Design Inspiration

    By SP on October 31, 2011
    I love collecting bohemian style interior designs for inspiration. There are so many pictures on Flickr, Tumblr and Google images (where I gathered these from. How gorgeous are the photos below? The green wall in the first pic., and the ocean view in the tenth photo. Love the forest wall paper in the 4th pic and the chevron missoni-esque design […]