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Posts tagged with ‘family’

  • 15-Year-Old Self-Taught Inventor Kelvin Doe

    By admin on November 25, 2013
    A warning as you play the video above – don’t be surprised if it’s a bit of a tearjerker! Fifteen year old Kelvin from Sierra Leone didn’t grow up with much. In the area he lives, electricity is a rare occurrence, and opportunities of all kinds are extremely limited. However, this did not deter him from devoting himself to attempting […]
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  • Theo and Beau

    By admin on November 21, 2013
    Is there any cuter combination than puppies and babies sharing snuggles? Probably not! Jessica Shyba of Momma’s Gone City has been chronicling her family’s puppy adoption process on her blog and Instagram. The family rescued the abandoned puppy Theo, who soon began a daily ritual of napping with son Beau. Jessica is hoping to be able to create a book out […]
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  • Richard Renaldi’s Touching Strangers Project

    By admin on October 30, 2013
    The photographs below represent a recent project by Richard Renaldi. The series depicts moments of physical touch, emotional intimacy, and affection. However, what’s remarkable is that prior to the photograph, the subjects have actually never met. Renaldi selects people and asks them to pose as they would with family members, friends, or lovers. The depth of emotion in their faces as […]
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