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Posts tagged with ‘computer’

  • Wear Your Mouse As A Bracelet

    By SP on June 19, 2009
    We are kidding, but doesn’t it look like one? According to the article, Hillcrest Labs created this type of mouse, which is supposedly a gesture controlled mouse. “You hold the Loop Pointer with your hand and move it around in the air to control the mouse on the screen. The in-air mouse moves your cursor with natural hand motion.” This […]
  • Netbook Computer For Kids

    By SP on June 18, 2009
    A netbook computer for kids called Disney Netpal has been created. According to the press release, it features 40+ parental control options, 8.9-inch LCD display, Wi-Fi capabilities, Windows XP Home, and kid-friendly software featuring Disney characters and icons. This must be really exciting for kids ages 6-12, in which the products are designed for. The Disney Netptal is said to […]