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Posts tagged with ‘boho jewelery pieces’

  • Style Find: Apple Earbuds Bracelet + Ribbon Ring

    By SP on November 30, 2011
    So I pretty much fell in love with this Earbuds Bracelet via Anthropologie. What’s not to love? I’d totally stack two of them and call it a day. Available for purchase here. I also came across these gold coin bracelets. The first is available here. The second pic is available here, and the third comes in like ten different colors. […]
  • Dannijo Fall 2011 Jewelry Collection

    By Michal Upchurch on August 18, 2011
    Dannijo’s jewelry collections just keep getting better and better. You can see the past collections here. For their Fall 2011 collection, the two sisters Danielle and Jodie Snyder infused the glitz and glam of Swarovski crystals with elements of Southwestern bohemian style.  (Take a look here to see how they upgraded the classic friendship bracelets). Their statement jewelry pieces will […]
  • Wrist Full of Metals

    By SP on April 27, 2011
    The idea behind this post was to research surf around the web for individuals, who like me, love to pile on the accessories. Especially on the wrist. As I was about to type “google.com”, I looked down on my keyboard and noticed tons of bracelets on both of my wrists. I decided to save myself the time. All I had […]
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  • Skull Rings And Bracelets

    By SP on March 8, 2011
    I get excited about finding new pieces of jewelry. I already have a bunch, but they are mostly vintage. These are kind of edgy and rockish, which I Love. The bracelets are super cool too. Though, I will have to buy a few of them to stack ’em up or pair with other bracelets. These are by a Japanese designer/brand […]
  • Precious Jewelry Pieces: Bjørg 2011 collection

    By SP on March 1, 2011
    Gahhh..this is my element. I am in love. I want to all these precious pieces from the Bjørg 2011 collection. It is mainly inspired by far far west and explores the quest for gold, literally and metaphorically. In this collection, precious stones are combined with gold, insects become decorative elements and butterflies are kept like hostages of the beautiful in […]
  • Anna-Sara Dåvik Fake Nail Jewelry

    By SP on February 28, 2011
    I came across these gold & silver Anna-Sara Dåvik Fake Nail Jewelry online and instantly wanted to give it a try. I think it looks great, especially if you have the options of mixing it up or not wearing it all at once. The Swedish designer, who graduated with the likes of Christoper Kane, is also an amazing fashion/clothing designer. […]
  • Real Scarabs Jewelry Line by Lito Karakostanoglou

    By SP on January 4, 2011
    Green is my favorite color. I particular love green, white and gold, or green, white and orange. When I saw jewelry designer, Lito Karakostanoglou’s work, I was immediately smittened. She uses real scarabs that have preserved and houses them in amazing cage necklaces or zoomorph inspired settings for earrings. Her collection is so chic! Love it.. Enjoy!
  • Pamela Love Claw Bracelets

    By SP on December 14, 2010
    I’m obsessed with Pamela Love’s talon jewelry collection. The claw bracelets are amazing (I want the necklaces too). Can you imagine wearing them stacked up? Or even mixing them with other vintage bracelets from your own collection? I love the old, vintage-y, rusty look you see in some of her pieces. I have been browsing, staring and admiring on her […]
  • Unique Hand-Made Jewelery Pieces

    By SP on April 9, 2009
    Kelly Rae Feaster is a potter/jewelery designer who designs out of her home. All of her work is apparently made from clay and she experiments with melting glass inside clay. I was looking through her pieces yesterday and found these amazing, affordable chunky rings. They are insanely rad and to top, very in this season. Here are a few pieces. […]