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Posts tagged with ‘architecture’

  • Basiliani Hotel in Sassi of Matera Italy

    By admin on January 3, 2014
    The design hotel Basiliani is a great example of a traditional prehistoric settlement. The cave-house architecture dates back to the New Stone age, but has been updated with modern perspective to make it fit for a visit. Photographer Piermario Ruggeri captured some amazing angles and lights at the structure. Enjoy…x!
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  • The Manta Resort Underwater Hotel Room

    By admin on December 2, 2013
    The Manta Resort offers one of the best hotel rooms we’ve ever seen – the Underwater Room, which is literally a floating cube in the Indian Ocean close to Tanzania. With two levels, one above the water and one below, guests can sleep underwater or under the stars. Located in the middle of a coral reef, guests are sure to […]
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  • Inspirational Tree Houses

    By admin on October 15, 2013
    We’re pretty sure that no matter how old you get, tree houses never stop being cool – particularly if they are anything close to these ones! Some fantasy, some reality, we were inspired by the whimsy and creativity of these images. Enjoy…x!
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  • Morocco’s La Gazelle d’Or Hotel

    By admin on October 14, 2013
    Southern Morocco is host to the gorgeous La Gazelle d’Or Hotel. A combination of both French and Moroccan architecture and interior design, the estate is full of gorgeous colors, intricate tile work, and geometric structures. The estate draws wealthy and elite artists and tourists – and hopefully someday us as well 😉 Enjoy…x
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  • Amazing Beach House in Comporta, Portugal

    By admin on October 8, 2013
    Do you find yourself already missing summer? If not, the photo-set below may just change your mind. Designed by Pequenina Rodrigues and located in Southern Portugal, this estate looks like the perfect destination for a beach-front escape. Whether you’re a surfer, fisherman, or just a travel fan, it may not get any better than this!
  • Bacoc Hacienda on Yucatan Peninsula

    By admin on September 9, 2013
    Back in the 1800s, the property below existed as a fiber factory. Now, it has been converted into a family home by Reyes Ríos + Larraín Arquitectos. The sprawling, secluded estate seems to have been landscaped and decorated in a relatively minimalistic way, giving it the appearance of a perfectly relaxing destination.
  • Casbah Cove by Gordon Stein Design

    By SP on August 27, 2013
    Casbah Cove is a lovely Moroccan style riad located on a hill in Palm Desert, about 2 hours outside of Los Angeles. Intricately designed by Gordon Stein Designs, craftsman from Morocco spent months constructing the estate. Not a single element was missed; including the custom tiles, windows, archways and you can’t miss the seventy-five foot salt water lap pool. Enjoy […]
  • Old Bus Converted Into Comfy Mobile Home

    By SP on August 21, 2013
    Architecture student at the University of Minnesota, Hank Butitta, was uninspired by designing buildings for fictitious clients. Wanting to put his talents to work, Buititta bought an old bus on Craigslist and with the help of his brother and friend, they were able to transform the bus into a modern, functional mobile home. The bus is complete with a kitchen, […]
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  • Conan House by Moon Hoon

    By admin on August 16, 2013
    Never seen anything quite like The Conan House, also called Play House, by Moon Hoon. The geometric, asymmetrical house was built by South Korean architect Moon Hoon in Daejeon, South Korea. The residence was a project commissioned by a young couple hoping to experiment with the idea of “playful architecture” to create a home for them and their young son. […]
  • Amazing Renovated Beverly Hills House

    By admin on July 23, 2013
    Beverly Hills is full of amazing real estate, but this is one of the more incredible ones we’ve seen. Iconic American architect Hal Levitt originally built it in the 1950s. Recently, Argentinian architect Pablo Jendretzki was commissioned to reconfigure it. The house features floor to ceiling glass doors, as well the same wood inside and outside, both features which make […]