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  • Aqua Expeditions Luxurious Amazon Riverboat Cruise

    By admin on April 21, 2014
    Ever dreamt of exploring the remote tropical wilderness of the Amazon River? Well if you’re willing to skip all the trekking and hiking through dense rainforest, then this might be the thing for you. Aqua Expeditions, the concept of Francesco Galli Zugaro, is an amazing new high end way to experience the trip of a lifetime from the luxurious comforts […]
  • Delicious Flapjacks + Pancakes

    By admin on April 16, 2014
    Think you can make a good flap jack? Well check out these delicious creations that are sure to put your pancake game to shame! From pancakes with bacon actually cooked into them, to a  stack of flap jacks with a Cadbury Egg cracked and dripping on top, (Easter breakfast ideas anyone?) these artful outside the box confections will definitely amp […]
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  • Nike Goes to Kenya for Advertising Campaign

    By admin on April 15, 2014
    Nike shows that their fleet of shoes can stand the running power of some of the fastest runners in the world–the Kenyans! The runners were captured while in training. If it can stand the stamina and consistency of training for some of the worlds top runners then the brand definitely proved that their running shoes are worth every penny. We […]
  • Russian Photographer’s Girlfriend Leads Him Around The World

    By admin on March 11, 2014
    Russian Photographer, Murad Ossman,  has started a photo-series that has gained a lot of attention and anticipation for future additions. Nataly Zakharova is pictured in every photo, guiding him through many beautiful sceneries in different countries. It is refreshing to see such dedication and creativity in a photo-series. The colors and imagery is so vibrant, it makes you feel like […]
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  • A Smile From A Child

    By admin on March 3, 2014
    A smile holds incredible power–it can change your day in an instant. Here are some heart warming images of our beautiful little souls around the globe. We love the kids! Enjoy!
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  • Huang Qingjum’s “Family Stuff” Photography

    By admin on January 3, 2014
    As we enter a new year, it’s a natural time to reflect on our blessings and remember to be grateful for what we have. Nothing puts this into perspective further than the photo series by Huang Qingjum. Qingjum traveled to remote areas, persuading families who often had never been photographed, to pose with their complete sum of possessions. If you were […]
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  • Brothers Recreate Childhood Photographs for Mom

    By admin on December 2, 2013
    Looking for a gift idea for your mom this holiday season? Take a cue from these two brothers, who recreated childhood photographs 20 years later, including all the details of location, wardrobe, and posing. Have you ever recreated old photos, or done a similarly unique project as a gift?  
  • 15-Year-Old Self-Taught Inventor Kelvin Doe

    By admin on November 25, 2013
    A warning as you play the video above – don’t be surprised if it’s a bit of a tearjerker! Fifteen year old Kelvin from Sierra Leone didn’t grow up with much. In the area he lives, electricity is a rare occurrence, and opportunities of all kinds are extremely limited. However, this did not deter him from devoting himself to attempting […]
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  • Fun Posing With Statues

    By admin on November 21, 2013
    In the series of photographs below, people pose with or manipulate statues into funny scenarios. Some of them you have to take a double look at, as at first glance the statues look pretty realistic! Enjoy…x!   
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  • Theo and Beau

    By admin on November 21, 2013
    Is there any cuter combination than puppies and babies sharing snuggles? Probably not! Jessica Shyba of Momma’s Gone City has been chronicling her family’s puppy adoption process on her blog and Instagram. The family rescued the abandoned puppy Theo, who soon began a daily ritual of napping with son Beau. Jessica is hoping to be able to create a book out […]
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