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Art & Design

  • Conan House by Moon Hoon

    By admin on August 16, 2013
    Never seen anything quite like The Conan House, also called Play House, by Moon Hoon. The geometric, asymmetrical house was built by South Korean architect Moon Hoon in Daejeon, South Korea. The residence was a project commissioned by a young couple hoping to experiment with the idea of “playful architecture” to create a home for them and their young son. […]
  • Hangin’ With Icons by Anna Palma

    By admin on August 13, 2013
    Photographer Anna Palma explores mixing media in her latest work: Hangin’ With Icons. In it she captures model Matilda Price posing in front of  large projected images of the entertainment industries’ most iconic faces. Each picture is a capsule of the mood that each respective personality inspired. From a smoky hazy image of Jean Harlow to a shimmering depiction of David […]
  • Honest Logos by Viktor Hertz

    By admin on August 9, 2013
    Graphic designer Viktor Hertz’s latest work, entitled ‘Honest Logos’, pokes some fun at a few popular companies by altering their logos in a satirical portrayal of how their real world identities are perceived by their consumers. What are your thoughts on these? Enjoy!
  • Contemporary Furniture From Recycled Fire Hoses

    By admin on August 8, 2013
    We are so inspired by the work of the Oxgut Hose Company! The company works with local fire houses to collect out of service hoses that ordinarily would pile up in landfills. The rubber is repurposed into indoor and outdoor furniture and home accessories. A portion of the proceeds from the sales benefit The Children’s Burn Foundation. As always, we […]
  • Alberto Seveso’s High-Speed Photographs

    By SP on August 8, 2013
    Italian artist, Alberto Seveso, developed a unique style of high-speed photography. For the series of photos below, he drops various colors of inks into water, capturing the shapes that form with a high-speed camera. Pretty darn impressive! Enjoy!
  • Crochet Covered Train by Olek

    By admin on August 5, 2013
    Polish-born, New York-based artist Olek uses crocheting as her medium of choice. She recently worked for two days straight with four assistants to cover a real locomotive train in rainbow crocheted designs! See the incredible photos below! When asked what her next project would be, Olek apparently asked for an airplane, or joked about going to the moon.
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  • Hermit Crab Shells Adorned with Architectural Cityscapes

    By SP on August 2, 2013
    In 2009 Aki Inomata, an artist from Japan, created plastic habitats for hermit crabs, titled “Why not hand over a shelter to hermit crabs?.” The shells were influenced by architectural cityscapes, including a parisian apartment, the NYC skyline and a Tokyo-style house. She had to be mindful of the well-being of the hermit crabs, so Inomata used a CT scanner, which […]
  • Mark Wagner’s Dollar Bill Art

    By admin on August 2, 2013
    We’re all familiar with the one dollar bill. Though most of us never think of it much outside the context of being a symbol that represents the power to buy and have what we want. Mark Wagner’s “Currency Collage” project tried to create something “foreign in the familiar” by creating collages with dollar bills. The result is something we recognize […]
  • Anna Barlow’s Ceramic Desserts

    By admin on July 26, 2013
    Artist Anna Barlow channels her fascination for treats and indulgence in her porcelain and clay dessert sculptures that look deliciously lifelike. She began her ceramics career creating tablewares, but soon realized she was more interested in the food, particularly ice cream, that was served in the tablewares, as opposed to the dishes themselves. Take a look at some of her […]
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  • Most Beautiful Living Spaces Around the World

    By SP on July 25, 2013
    Caution: The photos below may cause you to book your next retreat sooner than expected. The group of photos are some of the most beautiful living spaces around the world. From America, across Europe, the Caribbean to Australia, these homes and hotels have been designed with impeccable detail. If you’re interested in a paradise getaway or new ideas to remodel […]