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Popeye The Foodie

Former stray dog, Popeye (as known by his Instagram account as “Popeye the Foodie) is living the best dog’s life ever traveling to fancy pet-friendly restaurants in L.A. with his owner, Ivy Diep and her husband.

Amazingly, this adorable little pup manages to sit perfectly still to pose for photos around such scrumptious delicacies. His owner, Ivy states that Popeye does not care much for the food. He just nibbles on his treats and barks at other dogs.

Besides the obvious food surrounding him, doesn’t Popeye look quite stylish, too? Enjoy!popeyepopeye1popeye2popeye3popeye5popeye6popeye7popeye8popeye9popeye10popeye11popeye12