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Johanna Ortiz Fall 2017 Collection

There are so many things to love about Johanna Ortiz’s Fall 2017 collection, where do we begin?

Let’s start with the fact that the designer is showcasing a lot of our favorite trends in this collection. Political statement tees, puffed out shoulders and sleeves, distressed denim hems, striped collared button down shirts that she fused with printed bodysuits to prevent the dreadful “bunching effect”and pretty shoes.

Thank you Mrs. Ortiz. Thank you for all the “fabulousness” that is being displayed. Enjoy!02-johanna-ortiz-aw1703-johanna-ortiz-aw1704-johanna-ortiz-aw1707-johanna-ortiz-aw1709-johanna-ortiz-aw1711-johanna-ortiz-aw1714-johanna-ortiz-aw1715-johanna-ortiz-aw1716-johanna-ortiz-aw1717-johanna-ortiz-aw1722-johanna-ortiz-aw1724-johanna-ortiz-aw1727-johanna-ortiz-aw1728-johanna-ortiz-aw1730-johanna-ortiz-aw1731-johanna-ortiz-aw1740-johanna-ortiz-aw1741-johanna-ortiz-aw1742-johanna-ortiz-aw1743-johanna-ortiz-aw1747-johanna-ortiz-aw1748-johanna-ortiz-aw1749-johanna-ortiz-aw1752-johanna-ortiz-aw1753-johanna-ortiz-aw1758-johanna-ortiz-aw1759-johanna-ortiz-aw1760-johanna-ortiz-aw1761-johanna-ortiz-aw1762-johanna-ortiz-aw17




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