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Friendly House In The Ukraine

The thoughts of decorating a house with hues of gray and white seems so drab and dull yet when I saw this interior design of this warm and cozy home in Lviv, Ukraine, we did a double take.

The design team Leopolis Design Group was able to make this home appear so warm and inviting with simple accents of wood and brick and minimum color. Quite impressivefriendly-house-3-copyfriendly-house-4-copyfriendly-house-5-copyfriendly-house-6-copyfriendly-house-7-copyfriendly-house-8-copyfriendly-house-9-copyfriendly-house-10-copyfriendly-house-12friendly-house-13friendly-house-14friendly-house-16friendly-house-17friendly-house-18friendly-house-19friendly-house-20friendly-house-21friendly-house-22friendly-house-23




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