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Fine Dining: Luxury Foods

While most of us love going to restaurants to enjoy the food and atmosphere, these “luxury foods” takes your fine dining experience to the tenth degree.
Some of the dishes are prepared with flecks of gold while one dessert is served with a pink 7 carat diamond on the side. Now that’s literally fine dining!luxury5The Fleurburger 5000: Invented by famous chef Hubert Keller, the price of this hamburger can range upwards of $5000.
luxury3Beluga Caviar: This type of caviar is popular in Russia with market prices ranging from $7,000 – $10,000 dollars
luxuryWestin Hotel Bagel: This breakfast item is topped with cream cheese, white truffle, riesling grape jelly and goji berry and can be all yours for $1,000 dollars.
luxury4The Frozen Haute Chocolate: Declared the most expensive dessert in the world, this decadent chocolate sundae topped with 5 grams of gold is only $25,000 dollars.
luxury7Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence Dessert: This Italian dessert is infused with Irish cream and seasonal fruit and garnished with a gold leaf. Price: $14,500
luxury8Strawberries Arnaud: This strawberry sundae marinated in red wine and spices served with a pink seven carat diamond alongside is insanely priced at 3.95 million dollars.





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