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Easy “Cozy Home” Decorating Ideas

Whether you use scented lavender candles, soft and smooth music or a nice glass of wine to relax, the environment you choose is just as important as the method of relaxation.

Your home is generally your place of choice especially Monday – Friday when all you want to do is snuggle up to a hot meal and get comfy and cozy after work.

Here are some ideas on how to obtain that “comfy and cozy” dwelling.Home3Use warm neutrals colors for your dining room tablescape.
Home0Cut off the sleeves of old sweaters to use as candle holders.
Home6Place pillows and throw blankets in wicker baskets.
Home4Place plants of various heights and sizes around the home.
Home7Add personalized touches by hanging straw hats and artwork on the walls.
Home01Create an accent wall by using self-adhesive, easy-to-hang wall paper.
Home02Warm up fireplace mantels with empty vintage frames, candles and faux plants.
Home8Pile up your pillows and throws on your bedding for a relaxing retreat.





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