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Fall 2016 Layered Looks To Love

The autumn/winter season is the perfect time to become an expert at styling a layered look.

Styling an ensemble can be quite easy if you follow one simple tip: Make sure to build your attire with basic pieces that can stand alone yet when layered makes the outfit look even better.Layered3Add a vibrant coat to your layers.
FallLayered3Layer a sweater with a matching skirt and scarf combo.
Layered6You can never go wrong layering a denim suit with a blue jean jacket.
LayeredLook2Layer similar winter fabrics such as wool and knits.
FallLayered5Layer a men’s shirt with your favorite coat and expose the sleeves.
FallLayered6Try something new by Layering a pair of pants with a skirt.
FallLayered7Pile on the layers with a button down + sweater + blazer + coat combo for added style and warmth.






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