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Lil Wayne x wize&ope Gummy Watch Collection

Recently released (and almost sold out) gummy watch collection is a collaboration between Lil Wanye and Wize&Ope. The watches are silicon wrapped with stainless steel backcase and is water resistant.

Available here, here or here. Enjoy!
GUM-1-back GUM-1-pers GUM-1 GUM-2-pers GUM-2-profil GUM-2 GUM-3-back GUM-3-pers GUM-3 GUM-CAM-1-back GUM-CAM-1-pers GUM-CAM-1 GUM-LEO-3-back GUM-LEO-3-pers GUM-LEO-3 GUM-LEO-5-back GUM-LEO-5-pers GUM-LEO-5 GUM-LEO-23-back GUM-LEO-23-pers GUM-LEO-23 GUM-SK-1-back GUM-SK-1-pers GUM-SK-1


I personally prefer antique watches with timeless designs that still look stunning despite having been worn for more than a decade. These modern watches today might look trendy but it really depends on every individual’s taste and preference. I think this range caters to a much younger age group who are active and always on the go.


We love the Lil Wayne watches! They pair perfectly with our Huck Finn's by Party Rock! Such perfect colors for Summer and Fall, we look forward to making different pairings throughout the year!