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Malaika Firth for Vogue Paris April 2014

Rising top model from Kenya, Malaika Firth shows us her rebel side in this month’s Vogue Paris editorial. The 20 year old model was photographed by top fashion photographer Mario Testino who took us on a wild ride through this photoshoot.

Rocking high waist distressed denim and printed tops finished with wind tousled hair, Firth owns this the streets of Miami. Celine, Emporio Armanin, Dolce and Gabanna, and Jimmy Choo are just of the few designers used in this editorial. Enjoy!



  1. Sabria Sab April 14, 2014 Reply

    what nice name “Malaika” (angel) !!! very pretty

  2. Lisa Robinson April 14, 2014 Reply

    Her eyes will take her to the top!! She’s has IT..

  3. Brittany Brathwaite April 14, 2014 Reply

    Wow she’s stunning

  4. La Tanya LaCupcake Henry-Faulkner April 14, 2014 Reply

    She Looks African American

  5. Hilda Aleki April 14, 2014 Reply

    La Tanya What does African American look like !!?

  6. Gaddiel Adams April 14, 2014 Reply


  7. Brittany Brathwaite April 14, 2014 Reply

    Hilda Aleki lmao! Don’t kill me

  8. Cheyanne Chiffon D April 14, 2014 Reply


  9. Kayren L'eau April 14, 2014 Reply

    We tell this people we bad. #proudlyEastAfrican

  10. Shaun Jackson April 14, 2014 Reply

    She’s a beauty!

  11. Monica Mwaniki April 14, 2014 Reply

    Samantha Sapphire Gathanga

  12. Melab Asseneka April 14, 2014 Reply

    Elizabeth come see this bullet. Weh!

  13. Dnice Lucian April 14, 2014 Reply

    Alice Odhiambo I’m pretty sure you know or have seen this… big ups to Kenya!

  14. Alice J Odhiambo April 14, 2014 Reply

    Dnice I have seen this but don’t know her.. my cousin in Paris told me about her a couple of weeks ago

  15. Alba Prifti April 14, 2014 Reply

    Faith Karimi check her out 😀

  16. Faith Karimi April 14, 2014 Reply

    Alba Prifti Very cool!

  17. Chinese Geh April 14, 2014 Reply

    Mimi Giek

  18. Neezy F. Daniels April 14, 2014 Reply


  19. Lesego Phefo April 14, 2014 Reply

    she is so amazing….

  20. Elizabeth T. Macharia April 15, 2014 Reply

    Melab Asseneka She’s not playing! Weh

  21. Kissy Frottsypik April 15, 2014 Reply

    What a beauty!!!

  22. Beyani Wrentz April 15, 2014 Reply


  23. Cynthia R. Nelson April 15, 2014 Reply


  24. Lei Quelle April 15, 2014 Reply

    Zahada Harper

  25. Fatima Melicio April 15, 2014 Reply


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