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Hikaru Cho’s Amazing Body Paintings

Have you seen HiKaru Cho’s hyperrealistic body paintings? These amazing works of art have to be inspected closely to be believed! This Tokyo based artist, meticulously hand paints surrealist images onto human body parts, creating images that will know doubt make you look twice after seeing them.

Whether it be a man holding up his own skin to reveal a ribcage, or extra eyeballs on the side of a girls face, Cho’s body art is a seriously creative take on surrealism and the human body. Enjoy!
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Tiffany Brown Warren
Tiffany Brown Warren

Creepy but wow.. I can’t deny how talented the person is! Antwuan Warren and Jazz Ekaeteh Brown check this out...

Asia Clayborne
Asia Clayborne

wow! the foot painting would make a cool tattoo!!