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Adidas Spring Collection in Celebration of Making a Decade

Top Model Ajak Deng models the Spring 2014 Adidas Collaboration Line. This Spring Line is in Celebration of the amazing mesh and success between Jeremy Scott and Adidas, who have been working together for the last ten years.

Bright Neons, Bold Colors, and Floral and Leopard Prints are featured in the Athletic Line. Enjoy!



  1. Marsha Wilson March 3, 2014 Reply

    VERY cute!

  2. Luciana Lulikas March 3, 2014 Reply

    roupa com estampa de onça e o tênis com asa são ridículos,a modelo é linda.

  3. Hilatena fashion vibe March 3, 2014 Reply


  4. Theresa Thomas March 3, 2014 Reply

    This girl just have it!

  5. Elaine Blake March 3, 2014 Reply


  6. Ajong Deng Garang March 3, 2014 Reply

    Sudanese Beauty.

  7. Sylvie Waitumbi March 3, 2014 Reply

    Tina Kuek feast your eyes

  8. Lovely Pretty Kache March 3, 2014 Reply

    she looks alike with lupita Nyong’o

  9. Michelle Highfashion March 3, 2014 Reply

    Such beauty…

  10. Nae Deen March 3, 2014 Reply


  11. Demetria Washington March 3, 2014 Reply

    I love those sneakers

  12. Gina Ross March 3, 2014 Reply

    Top middle top/dress is a bit of me to a T

  13. Mariam Diabagate March 3, 2014 Reply


  14. Awa Malick March 3, 2014 Reply


  15. Paulette Samuels March 3, 2014 Reply

    Another beautiful girl on the rise

  16. Mamacita Mentor March 3, 2014 Reply

    I think it was Lupita.

  17. Rosa Van der Zon March 3, 2014 Reply

    Those shoes! I want them real bad!

  18. Vanessa Pointejour March 3, 2014 Reply


  19. LaRaina Wright March 3, 2014 Reply

    The colors are such a beautiful contrast to her deep skin and the stark background. Great ad campaign!

  20. Diana Lan March 3, 2014 Reply

    I want the green ones

  21. Chelsea Coffey March 3, 2014 Reply

    Janae Nichoel Ladet

  22. Christina Marie Smith March 3, 2014 Reply

    She looks beautiful 😀

  23. Trixy Wilson March 3, 2014 Reply

    I love this line…I want them all!!! And man…she has legs for days!! #WERKITGURL 🙂

  24. Jacqui Bell March 3, 2014 Reply

    Reminds me of Grace Jones

  25. Tsetsi Kgama March 3, 2014 Reply

    Looks like Grace Jones.

  26. Dorothy Brown-Johnson March 3, 2014 Reply

    Sorry not feeling the model or the collection.

  27. Abdul Kafi March 3, 2014 Reply

    that is Suuuper!

  28. Liz Amondi March 3, 2014 Reply

    Lupita look alike

  29. Maggy Silvennoinen March 3, 2014 Reply

    Hella aki i thoughts it you hv to look it twice.. kuna vile u look alike.

  30. Hella Deng Martinez March 3, 2014 Reply

    Hehe yawa mami I can see the tofautis anyway uko poa?

  31. Khanyisa Jolingana March 4, 2014 Reply

    Her long legs Wow

  32. Felecia Zackery March 4, 2014 Reply

    Kirsten Riddick another beautiful woman:)

  33. Annah Jesamzel Amoomo March 4, 2014 Reply


  34. Princess Adekemi Adesida March 4, 2014 Reply

    She models for my friend in NYC, she has been on trust me. She is also from East Africa..duh

  35. Rontsy Cassi Mokake Mokake March 4, 2014 Reply

    she looks like Alec

  36. Mame Seyni Fall March 4, 2014 Reply

    black is beautiful

  37. Taarjwok Ol March 4, 2014 Reply

    ^^ She is from the same country Alek Wek is from, i.e South Sudan. and i dont think she looks like Lupida, maybe same skin complexion and short hair, but they are very distinct.

  38. Yalakesen Baaheth March 4, 2014 Reply

    her smile *_*

  39. Esther Mvula March 5, 2014 Reply

    she must be Lupita Nyong’o ‘s sister….twin sister even..lol

  40. Asheley Nichole March 5, 2014 Reply

    Ajok Deng

  41. Ajok Deng March 5, 2014 Reply

    Asheley Nichole that’s Ajak Deng, beautiful supermodel from my home country. I’m flattered

  42. Asheley Nichole March 5, 2014 Reply

    Ajok, you totally need to start modeling! When I look at her I see you as a modeling athlete!

  43. Ajok Deng March 5, 2014 Reply

    Oh if I had the time and height I would Asheley

  44. Asil Asiltouch Asil March 6, 2014 Reply

    kahloucha khasret lphoutou

  45. Zain Loveyou March 6, 2014 Reply


  46. Hermine Yollo March 6, 2014 Reply

    just great!

  47. Fallou Fall March 10, 2014 Reply


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