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Donna Karan Pre-Fall 2014 Collection

Donna Karan’s Pre-Fall 2014 Collection was relatively simple and basic, as Karan attempted to craft clothing particular to no season.

Pops of gold and cognac were the only break from an otherwise neutral palate of black, white, and shades of tan. However, we found it to be noteworthy given the variety of amazing blazers and midi length skirts. Enjoy…x
DonnaKaran_028_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_025_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_005_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_020_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_021_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_029_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_001_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_012_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_014_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_018_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_019_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_022_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_024_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_026_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_004_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_008_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_013_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_015_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_017_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_027_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_009_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_011_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_007_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_010_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_016_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_023_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_002_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_003_1366.683x1024 DonnaKaran_006_1366.683x1024



  1. Mariam Guilliams December 13, 2013 Reply

    It’s the quality, not just the look. Donna Karan clothes have excellent workmanship. They are timeless.

  2. Tashay Tatum December 13, 2013 Reply

    Super chic, I dig this collection!

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