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Voodoo Child Editorial for 10 Magazine Winter 2013

In the below editorial from 10 Magazine’s Winter 2013 issue, hair, makeup, and wardrobe all of somewhat avant garde nature come together to create a Voodoo vibe. Photographer Eric Nehr is known for his artistic, fashion forward work, and here’s another spread to add to his portfolio! Enjoy…x
voodoo-child-eric-nehr-10-magazine-winter-2013-18 voodoo-child-eric-nehr-10-magazine-winter-2013-9 voodoo-child-eric-nehr-10-magazine-winter-2013-15 voodoo-child-eric-nehr-10-magazine-winter-2013-2 voodoo-child-eric-nehr-10-magazine-winter-2013-5 voodoo-child-eric-nehr-10-magazine-winter-2013-8 voodoo-child-eric-nehr-10-magazine-winter-2013-10 voodoo-child-eric-nehr-10-magazine-winter-2013-14 voodoo-child-eric-nehr-10-magazine-winter-2013-16 voodoo-child-eric-nehr-10-magazine-winter-2013-4 voodoo-child-eric-nehr-10-magazine-winter-2013-6 voodoo-child-eric-nehr-10-magazine-winter-2013-21 voodoo-child-eric-nehr-10-magazine-winter-2013-22 voodoo-child-eric-nehr-10-magazine-winter-2013-1 voodoo-child-eric-nehr-10-magazine-winter-2013-12 voodoo-child-eric-nehr-10-magazine-winter-2013-17



  1. Stacey Ann December 4, 2013 Reply


  2. Cherise Matthews-Frost December 4, 2013 Reply

    top right – marvelous!

  3. Jo Paris December 4, 2013 Reply

    Love it! Especially that dress!

  4. Latoya Roberts December 5, 2013 Reply


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