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Suvi Koponen for T Style Travel Fall 2013

Suvi Koponen braves the harsh weather of the great outdoors in the editorial below, a spread for T Style. What stood out to us in this editorial was the creativity of stylist Jane How.

The texture and drape of each textile matches the environment around it, as if Koponen blends in or is at one with the nature surrounding her. Enjoy…x! suvi-koponen-by-craig-mcdean-for-t-style-travel-fall-2013-8suvi-koponen-by-craig-mcdean-for-t-style-travel-fall-2013-4 suvi-koponen-by-craig-mcdean-for-t-style-travel-fall-2013-3 suvi-koponen-by-craig-mcdean-for-t-style-travel-fall-2013-7 suvi-koponen-by-craig-mcdean-for-t-style-travel-fall-2013-2 suvi-koponen-by-craig-mcdean-for-t-style-travel-fall-2013-6 suvi-koponen-by-craig-mcdean-for-t-style-travel-fall-2013-1 suvi-koponen-by-craig-mcdean-for-t-style-travel-fall-2013-5



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