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Gabby Dover For Black Magazine

New face Gabby Dover gets painted and styled for the latest issue of Black Magazine, featuring some very intricate hand painted accessories.

Those colorful sleeves are actually paintings on Gabby’s arms, that took 9 hours to complete. Paired with some of fall’s favorite pieces from Louis Vuitton, Prada, Miu Miu, and Saint Laurent; the result is a dramatic feast for the eyes. Enjoy!



  1. Ebony Patrice Gargus October 10, 2013 Reply

    Her arms makes all those outfits sickening I love it who ever styled this did a great job

  2. Davita Nobles October 10, 2013 Reply

    Love it!!

  3. Nioka Babysassi October 10, 2013 Reply

    In ja we would say dis a mad ting it sell off fashion tun up

  4. Trisha Grant October 10, 2013 Reply

    LOVE this !

  5. Demetrice Clinkscale October 10, 2013 Reply

    I am about to pass out! this is the GREATEST!

  6. Faith Chituru Morey October 10, 2013 Reply

    Love it

  7. Merce ThaRealest Boo October 10, 2013 Reply


  8. LaPita Mai October 10, 2013 Reply


  9. Nikkie Davis October 10, 2013 Reply

    Crazy cute!!

  10. Mabel Jonette Jones October 11, 2013 Reply


  11. Sarah Loren October 11, 2013 Reply

    Raquel Theus

  12. Melly Mel October 14, 2013 Reply

    Sooo beautiful!!!!

  13. Pamela Denise Bradley October 16, 2013 Reply

    luv the colors…

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