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Isabel Marant Spring 2014 RTW Collection

It’s always important to study what Isabel Marant sends down the runway, as her apparel has become a top favorite among street style and fashion bloggers – looks that then trickle down into mainstream clothing.

This collection hinted at her bohemian tendencies, though with a more polished, ladylike refinement. There was no shortage of lace and lace-up details, ruffles, or flouncing hemlines. We couldn’t get enough of the touch of sparkle! And, it’s only a matter of time before those shoes are absolutely everywhere. Enjoy!
MARC0182.683x1024 MARC0363.683x1024 MARC0411.683x1024 MARC0058.683x1024 MARC0171.683x1024 MARC0357.683x1024 MARC0401.683x1024 MARC0048.683x1024 MARC0161.683x1024 MARC0344.683x1024 MARC0391.683x1024 MARC0260.683x1024 MARC0153.683x1024 MARC0332.683x1024 MARC0381.683x1024 MARC0144.683x1024 MARC0248.683x1024 MARC0319.683x1024 MARC0372.683x1024 MARC0224.683x1024 MARC0234.683x1024 MARC0118.683x1024 MARC0314.683x1024 MARC0011.683x1024 MARC0213.683x1024 MARC0102.683x1024 MARC0306.683x1024 MARC0202.683x1024 MARC0017.683x1024 MARC0093.683x1024 MARC0296.683x1024 MARC0194.683x1024 MARC0043.683x1024 MARC0075.683x1024 MARC0289.683x1024 MARC0028.683x1024 MARC0069.683x1024 MARC0272.683x1024



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  3. Hilda Aleki September 30, 2013 Reply

    The third dress

  4. Jatoyia L Ford October 1, 2013 Reply

    LUV IT!!!

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