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Parisiennes Editorial for Vogue Paris September 2013

The spirit of the infamous Parisian woman is captured in this editorial spread, which is featured in Vogue Paris September 2013. Models roam the city in ensembles that feel effortlessly chic, while the fall trends of animal prints and black and white dominate the spread. Props and poses keep the models feeling fun. Overall…we love! Enjoy.tumblr_ms55y6JC1k1qd1swho1_1280 vogue-paris-2013-septembre (dragged) 115 tumblr_ms55y6JC1k1qd1swho8_1280 vogue-paris-2013-septembre (dragged) 103 vogue-paris-2013-septembre (dragged) 118 vogue-paris-2013-septembre (dragged) 99 vogue-paris-2013-septembre (dragged) 108 vogue-paris-2013-septembre (dragged) 112 vogue-paris-2013-septembre (dragged) 131 tumblr_ms55y6JC1k1qd1swho7_1280 vogue-paris-2013-septembre (dragged) 105 vogue-paris-2013-septembre (dragged) 110 vogue-paris-2013-septembre (dragged) 113 vogue-paris-2013-septembre (dragged) 116 vogue-paris-2013-septembre (dragged) 123 tumblr_ms55y6JC1k1qd1swho2_1280 tumblr_ms55y6JC1k1qd1swho3_1280 tumblr_ms55y6JC1k1qd1swho5_1280 tumblr_ms55y6JC1k1qd1swho6_1280 vogue-paris-2013-septembre (dragged) 107 vogue-paris-2013-septembre (dragged) 119 vogue-paris-2013-septembre (dragged) 129 vogue-paris-2013-septembre (dragged) 106 vogue-paris-2013-septembre (dragged) 135



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