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Conan House by Moon Hoon

Never seen anything quite like The Conan House, also called Play House, by Moon Hoon. The geometric, asymmetrical house was built by South Korean architect Moon Hoon in Daejeon, South Korea.

The residence was a project commissioned by a young couple hoping to experiment with the idea of “playful architecture” to create a home for them and their young son. We are sure the boy will enjoy the red slide built in to the staircase! Enjoy…xConan-House-by-Moon-Hoon-yatzer-14Conan-House-by-Moon-Hoon-yatzer-1 Conan-House-by-Moon-Hoon-yatzer-4 Conan-House-by-Moon-Hoon-yatzer-5 Conan-House-by-Moon-Hoon-yatzer-7 Conan-House-by-Moon-Hoon-yatzer-12 Conan-House-by-Moon-Hoon-yatzer-13 Conan-House-by-Moon-Hoon-yatzer-6 Conan-House-by-Moon-Hoon-yatzer-8 Conan-House-by-Moon-Hoon-yatzer-10 Conan-House-by-Moon-Hoon-yatzer-2 Conan-House-by-Moon-Hoon-yatzer-3 Conan-House-by-Moon-Hoon-yatzer-11



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