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Contemporary Furniture From Recycled Fire Hoses

We are so inspired by the work of the Oxgut Hose Company! The company works with local fire houses to collect out of service hoses that ordinarily would pile up in landfills. The rubber is repurposed into indoor and outdoor furniture and home accessories.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales benefit The Children’s Burn Foundation. As always, we love the creative ways in which people create to better the world! Enjoy…x!
Oxgut-Hoses21161_455802994499139_1644179241_n 163344_306446062768167_261081133_nOxgut-Hose-19-wine-bottle-holder Oxgut-Hose-18-eyeglass-holder Oxgut-Hose-14-chairs Oxgut-Hose-15-chair 426555_437355066343932_1264761992_n Oxgut-Hose-10-lounger Oxgut-Hose-13-hammock Oxgut-Hose-5-Mat Oxgut-Hose-17-log-carrier Oxgut-Hose-1-Mats Oxgut-Hose-9-slippers


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  1. moderneliving May 10, 2016 Reply

    It is amazing how some http://moderneliving.com/webstore/ can transform
    recycled materials into beautiful contemporary furniture designs. This is what
    true creativity and talents looks like and they should be awarded for it.

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