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Alberto Seveso’s High-Speed Photographs

Italian artist, Alberto Seveso, developed a unique style of high-speed photography. For the series of photos below, he drops various colors of inks into water, capturing the shapes that form with a high-speed camera. Pretty darn impressive! Enjoy!
high-speed-photographs-of-ink-in-water-alberto-seveso-1 high-speed-photographs-of-ink-in-water-alberto-seveso-2 high-speed-photographs-of-ink-in-water-alberto-seveso-3 high-speed-photographs-of-ink-in-water-alberto-seveso-5 high-speed-photographs-of-ink-in-water-alberto-seveso-6 high-speed-photographs-of-ink-in-water-alberto-seveso-4 high-speed-photographs-of-ink-in-water-alberto-seveso-7 high-speed-photographs-of-ink-in-water-alberto-seveso-8 high-speed-photographs-of-ink-in-water-alberto-seveso-9 high-speed-photographs-of-ink-in-water-alberto-seveso-10



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