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Crew Neck T-shirt Maxi Dress

This boyfriend dress is so comfortable and relaxing I could wear it everyday. A weekend “go to” and an easy pick and fix for Monday blues.

Outfit Details:

Dress – available here | Belt: J.Crew (old) | Shoes: Giambattista Valli. Wishing you all an amazing week. Enjoy…x




  1. Linda T. Roberts August 5, 2013 Reply

    Waouh! U look like a sorciere chic

  2. Annalisa Thompson August 5, 2013 Reply

    Love your relaxed vibe

  3. Sharon Gladney August 5, 2013 Reply

    lol so what Nadia…that’s her “glory”. Her hair is her signature like your precious Beyonce’s blond fake mane. Leave it! Its natural it’s beautiful its you. And if you see her post almost on a daily basis you will see she styled it a couple of times in a different way! Do you Ms. STylePantry – do you!

  4. Veila Barsnes August 5, 2013 Reply

    Love it

  5. Trena Q. Smith August 5, 2013 Reply

    You pick out the most everyday, elegant attire

  6. Nadia Gilbert August 5, 2013 Reply

    Love it

  7. LaNisha Leslie August 5, 2013 Reply

    Love it!

  8. Eve Saidah August 5, 2013 Reply

    Love love love

  9. Lashonda Adams August 5, 2013 Reply

    Love it!!

  10. Sharon Gladney August 5, 2013 Reply

    ok…you know Rachel Zoe fought to bring back maxi dresses and skirts to her collection and buyers refused her idea…now look…Maxi skirts galore!!

  11. Chris Nini Griek August 5, 2013 Reply

    Yes yes,I heard this outfit calling my name. Maxi’s the greatest invention…

  12. Fatima Luiza Moraes August 5, 2013 Reply

    cabeluda igual a vc!

  13. Wilma Alves Ferreira August 5, 2013 Reply

    que lindo eu quero uma roupa assim minha cara…..

  14. Marcia Oliveira August 5, 2013 Reply

    chique de +.

  15. Kals Sendo August 5, 2013 Reply

    Sexy inside and out and guess what, fully clothed!!

  16. Olubaba Olu Baba August 5, 2013 Reply

    U r beautiful!!

  17. Stéphanie Messi August 6, 2013 Reply

    so smooth

  18. Phyllis Long August 6, 2013 Reply

    Love your style!!!!

  19. Kels Othugile August 8, 2013 Reply


  20. Latoya Roberts August 8, 2013 Reply

    ur style is my style

  21. Kim Love August 11, 2013 Reply

    Hair in bun would’ve taken look to the next level

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