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LUBLU By Kira Plastinina S/S 2013 Collection

While the fashion industry has moved way from S/S 2013, we couldn’t leave it behind without highlighting this amazing collection – LUBLU by Kira Plastinina.

We can’t decide what we enjoy more – the prints, the colors, the silhouettes, the shoes and belts – the entire collection is incredible, and we would love to wear every single piece! xLublu_16050 Lublu_15623 Lublu_15710 Lublu_16063 Lublu_15311 Lublu_15290-r1_0 Lublu_15690 Lublu_15340 Lublu_16116 Lublu_15433 Lublu_15749 Lublu_16128 Lublu_15807 Lublu_15451 Lublu_16174 Lublu_15827 Lublu_15480 Lublu_16180 Lublu_15940 Lublu_15512 Lublu_16210 Lublu_15546 Lublu_16019 Lublu_16241 Lublu_16034 Lublu_15608 Lublu_16291



  1. Sarah AllegraLaura RenaDafna Cocos July 18, 2013 Reply

    I am so glad she is working on something again. I was sad when she had to close down her nyc shop

  2. Ali McLennon July 18, 2013 Reply

    She closed down all the shops in NYC, y is that ?

  3. Talitha McSween July 18, 2013 Reply

    <3 ALL

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