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Photography Book: 90 Days One Dream

We love these images from photographer Kristian Schuller‘s e-book entitled 90 Days One Dream. Over a span of 90 days, he travelled to gorgeous locations all around the world, photographing young models full of dreams. It was hard to narrow down the 219 page book, but here are some of our favorites! Enjoy…x

zoomKRISTIAN_SCHULLER_90_DAYS_COVER_SRGB_DOUBLE_10X15_ kristianschuller90daysonedream2 kristianschuller90daysonedream1 KRISTIAN_SCHULLER_90_DAYS_BEACH_LA_GRUPPE_2_SRGB_10x15_ KRISTIAN_SCHULLER_90_DAYS_BEACH_SA_GROUP_RUNNING_03_SRGB_10X15_1_ kristianschuller90daysonedream3 2vdqntt KRISTIAN_SCHULLER_90_DAYS_SCHROTTPLATZ_NEELE_PUDER_02_SRGB_10X15_ KRISTIAN_SCHULLER_90_DAYS_ELEFANT_I_SRGB_10X15_1_ kristianschuller90daysonedream7 kristianschuller90daysonedream10 kristianschuller90daysonedream11 e20S8



  1. Chaunice Jones July 11, 2013 Reply

    ♥ it!

  2. Jazzmond Dean July 11, 2013 Reply

    love love love!

  3. Evette Williams July 11, 2013 Reply

    Wow this is so imaginative and whimsical!

  4. NatsB September 11, 2013 Reply

    I have been looking for this book all over!!! Where can I purchase it from??!!!!

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