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Elie Saab Fall 2013 Couture Collection

Elie Saab kept the construction of the silhouettes for this collection effortless and simple, while leaving the main focus on the beading and embroideries.

The inspiration behind this season were jewels (ruby, sapphire, & emerald) in a crown. Saab stayed true to his usual aesthetic with draped, softer styles. It is apparent that we will definitely be seeing these gowns on the red carpet. Enjoy some of our favorites! xo

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  1. Sandi Skhepu July 5, 2013 Reply

    I love me some Elie Saab!

  2. Shawnette Peterson July 5, 2013 Reply

    I Love this collection

  3. Natalya Cowderoy July 5, 2013 Reply

    Wow! Amazing collection!

  4. Amber D. Smith July 5, 2013 Reply

    I wish I had somewhere to wear his gowns !!!

  5. Lynell Richards Brady July 5, 2013 Reply

    Truly Elie -gorgeous

  6. Renee Legall July 5, 2013 Reply


  7. Dionne Nanton July 5, 2013 Reply


  8. Tamara Lee July 5, 2013 Reply

    ohh my

  9. Fanta Fatty Jabies July 5, 2013 Reply

    wow Love dis Dresses

  10. Jéssica Primo July 5, 2013 Reply


  11. Cassandra Elie July 5, 2013 Reply


  12. Ebonee Carter July 5, 2013 Reply

    the last red one… love it

  13. Wanda Johnson July 5, 2013 Reply

    The burgundy one with sheer top is sexy as h*ll.

  14. Amarachi Chukwu July 5, 2013 Reply

    genius! love every piece

  15. Anab Kalkaal July 5, 2013 Reply

    I love his style.

  16. Nelda Thomas July 5, 2013 Reply

    The one arm blue one….love it

  17. Alicia Simpson July 5, 2013 Reply

    Stunning. I wish I g ad Elie Saab money I would wear one of those as a wedding gown

  18. Veronique Van Den Reysen-Sumbu July 5, 2013 Reply

    Yes stunning

  19. Marie Toussaint July 5, 2013 Reply

    Love 3 ,5 ,6

  20. Natasha Mir July 5, 2013 Reply

    I can’t decide which one is my fav..I love them all!!!!

  21. Zoe Mcduncan July 5, 2013 Reply

    I’ll take all ov dem….thank you!!!!

  22. Felicia Mosikare July 5, 2013 Reply

    5,6 are wow!

  23. Bianca Lyn July 6, 2013 Reply


  24. Debi True July 9, 2013 Reply

    5 n 6 for sure

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