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Christian Dior Fall 2013 Couture Collection

Raf Simons’ third couture collection with the design house was inspired by fashion in a global perspective. This fifty plus looks took influences from Europe, Asia, the Americas and the bold prints in Africa.

“The collection evolved to be about Dior not just being about Paris and France but about the rest of the world and how many fashion cultures impact on the house and on myself.” – Simons

Here are some of the beautiful pieces that went down the runway. Enjoy!

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  1. Candace R. Wright July 2, 2013 Reply

    I’m loving the blue and black strapless

  2. Felecia Kinmon July 2, 2013 Reply


  3. Shena Paul July 2, 2013 Reply

    blue, red & green one

  4. Latoya Roberts July 2, 2013 Reply


  5. Lisa Robinson July 2, 2013 Reply


  6. Shelly Massey July 2, 2013 Reply

    Style Pantry…these dresses are simply amazing! Need your advice! I’m currently pregnant and I love to dress! I’m not a conservative dresser by far! Do you have some ideas that I can implement to help me still look fashionably cute while I’m pregnant? Thanks for your advice and your time!

  7. G Jacqueline Delva July 2, 2013 Reply

    I love the indigo and the black dress. Gorgeous.

  8. Debi True July 2, 2013 Reply


  9. Tanara McLean July 2, 2013 Reply

    That navy dress and model are incredibly beautiful and fierce! Love it!

  10. Shamicka Wheeler July 2, 2013 Reply

    That blue dress is EVERYTHING!

  11. Martha Shingange July 2, 2013 Reply

    @Shelly, check J’adore’s page. She recently gave birth and I must say she was the most beautiful preggie mom I’ve ever seen. You’ll get some great ideas.

  12. Jazette Lane English July 2, 2013 Reply


  13. Deji Onimole July 2, 2013 Reply

    they’re all beautiful

  14. Natasha Mir July 2, 2013 Reply

    love this

  15. Nomalanga Dlodlo July 2, 2013 Reply

    Where can I get that blue one?

  16. X-onie Gich' July 4, 2013 Reply

    Tanara thot so too…

  17. Miks Francis July 9, 2013 Reply

    NUMBER 2!

  18. Miks Francis July 9, 2013 Reply


  19. Miks Francis July 9, 2013 Reply

    WELL 2, 3 & 5

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