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Roberto Cavalli Resort 2014 Collection

Roberto Cavalli’s Resort 2014 collection had a lot going on: layered animal prints, bohemian inspired maxi dresses, Western detailing, and beautiful colorful ensembles at the end.

Between all of these elements, the exquisite tailoring, and the spot-on styling, we were completely won over. Enjoy…x!

RobertoCavalli_005_1366.683x1024 RobertoCavalli_007_1366.683x1024 RobertoCavalli_001_1366.683x1024 RobertoCavalli_004_1366.683x1024 RobertoCavalli_003_1366.683x1024 RobertoCavalli_002_1366.683x1024 RobertoCavalli_021_1366.683x1024 RobertoCavalli_020_1366.683x1024 RobertoCavalli_019_1366.683x1024RobertoCavalli_009_1366.683x1024 RobertoCavalli_008_1366.683x1024 RobertoCavalli_011_1366.683x1024 RobertoCavalli_016_1366.683x1024 RobertoCavalli_015_1366.683x1024RobertoCavalli_031_1366.683x1024 RobertoCavalli_030_1366.683x1024 RobertoCavalli_029_1366.683x1024RobertoCavalli_022_1366.683x1024 RobertoCavalli_023_1366.683x1024 RobertoCavalli_028_1366.683x1024 RobertoCavalli_027_1366.683x1024 RobertoCavalli_025_1366.683x1024 RobertoCavalli_024_1366.683x1024



  1. Tatjana Braun June 21, 2013 Reply

    geil geil geil

  2. N'a Nita June 21, 2013 Reply

    1st collection I actually liked

  3. Natturally Sweetened Candy June 21, 2013 Reply

    love it

  4. Desiree Davis June 21, 2013 Reply

    loveeee iT

  5. Delcenia Griffin Hobson June 21, 2013 Reply

    AMAZING! I’m not a print girl…but I’m loving EVERYTHING about this collection! The red leather is FIYAH!

  6. Erica OftheAmericas June 21, 2013 Reply

    Love. The prints are Amazing.

  7. Nicki Mashonga June 21, 2013 Reply

    Love the shoes!

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