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Previewing Art Athina

Art-Athina is the biggest contemporary art fair in Greece. This year marks the fair’s 18th birthday. Over 18,000 art enthusiasts, critics, and curators will gather from around the world to view the work of over 800 artists! Since we are not all lucky enough to make it out to Greece, we have collected some of our favorite pieces to share with you. Enjoy!

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Wolfgang Stiller, ”Untitled,” 2010, Polyurethane.

Vassilis Avramidis, “Untitled,” 2013, Oil on canvas.

Giorgos Tserionis, “Post Mortem,” 2011, collage, acrylics on photograph.

Holly-Anne Buck,”Flawless,” 2013, print on paper.

Konstantin Kakanias, “Anna Wintour Wearing Glasses,” 2012, gouache on paper.

Wietse Eeken, ”Little People (Kaboutertjes),” 2012, mixed media.

Andreas Angelidakis, ”Hand House”, 2012, digital print on canvas.

George Georgiou, ”New Housing Project, Elazig, Turkey,” digital print.

Iliodora Margellos, “Untitled,” 2012, acrylic on paper.




  1. Dahiana Ivette Toribio May 27, 2013 Reply

    Ja jajajaj just lije her

  2. Stacey Grant May 28, 2013 Reply

    I like seeing Anna in her natural state 🙂

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