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Swarovski Object D’Art Collection

We are just days away from the 2013 CFDA Awards, and every single year, we look for to seeing who takes home the “Emerging Talent” award. The nominees have recently collaborated with Swarovski to create a collection of designs that use Swarovski crystals in a unique way.

The collection is being sold exclusively at New York boutique Fivestory. All of the proceeds from the collection are going to the non-profit organization Free Arts NYC, which provides educational arts and mentoring programs to underprivileged children and families. It always excites us to hear about cool design for a good cause. Enjoy…x

Need-It-Now-Swarovski-CDFA-9_163839959086.jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2 Need-It-Now-Swarovski-CDFA-8_163838614177.jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2 Need-It-Now-Swarovski-CDFA-7_163836346527.jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2 Need-It-Now-Swarovski-CDFA-6_163835288844.jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2 Need-It-Now-Swarovski-CDFA-5_163834251206.jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2 Need-It-Now-Swarovski-CDFA-4_163833934276.jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2 Need-It-Now-Swarovski-CDFA-3_163831910699.jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2 Need-It-Now-Swarovski-CDFA-2_163830668389.jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2 Need-It-Now-Swarovski-CDFA-1_163829910458-1.jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2




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