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Photographer William Wegman For ACNE

Swedish brand, ACNE Studios brought photographer William Wegman on board to shoot their Spring/Summer 2013 campaign. Wegman known for his work collaborations with dogs, produced a creative and quirky campaign.

We love it. Enjoy! x

acne_william_wegman_chien_braques_de_weimar__875383542_north_545xacne_william_wegman_chien_braques_de_weimar__399539716_north_545xACNE Rumor bagacne_william_wegman_chien_braques_de_weimar__306533165_north_545xACNE Gel heel shoesacne_william_wegman_chien_braques_de_weimar__324253025_north_545xACNE Aldo hatacne-accessories06-600x600ACNE Onyx white clutch

acne-accessories08-600x600ACNE Lila beige shoes279737

ACNE Patia Currency top in Purple & Green/ ACNE Jinx Currency blazer in Purple & Green


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