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Shower Out Loud! Kohler Integrated Shower Head

The Moxie shower head by Kohler is going at the top of my wish list for the holiday season. A Bluetooth shower head that plays music (news or podcasts too, for those of you so inclined)? Yeah, I’m in.

There are a few things I love as much as I love food, but music is right up there at the top. I listen to music from the moment I wake up, getting ready in the morning, driving to work, working, walking to lunch, driving home, unwinding at night, etc. It’s ON, all the time.

But I’ve never been happy with the possible solutions for listening to music while I’m in the shower. Dedicating an area in the bathroom for an iHome product seems superflous, and a little costly if you’re paying for the variety that allows you to stream to it using Bluetooth or AirPlay.

This seems like a pretty great solution, as long as the shower head itself doesn’t suck. Seven hours of play between charges via USB, and it docks right into your shower head, aided by a strong magnet in the head (and a corresponding one at the bottom of the speaker).

[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/UlqXf9BAjeM 600px 338px]

The product has just been released. No price has been announced yet. We will update when we get the pricing.



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