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The Hot Tug Hot Tub Boat

At first glance it looks like the boat is taking in water and is about to sink, right? Well, if you look closer, you’d the couple in the picture are happily soaking in a hot tub! It just happens that the tub is inside the boat…the Hot Tug Hot Tub Boat. How fast can you say that?

The HTHTB can fit up to 6 passengers; water is heated through a wood stove and the contents can take around 3 hours to reach the desired temperature. Prices range from €8,950 ($11,575USD) for a bare no-engine/no-heater hull to €16,450 ($21,260USD) for the fully equipped version. Thoughts? Enjoy….xx



  1. Angela Baker October 12, 2012 Reply

    Creative but I can never stay in the hot tub for more than 15 min at a time.. Where would I go.. Lol

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