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Complete Look: Zara Home Collection

All of us in the office have one thing in common, our love for Europeon fashion clothier Zara. With their budget friendly and on trend offerings, we were all super ectastic when we viewed the company’s new home line.

The presentation of the first collection is filled with the clean and elegant simplicity of the color white and cream, followed by a touch of floral and finishing off by some darker color palettes.

I dare you to take a look and not buy anything because you’re bound to find at least one piece you can see in your home.


Stunning!  Thanks for sharing.


Love, Jamie Herzlinger

Teresea Simone
Teresea Simone

I just came back from Europe, and saw it myself. There merchandise is beautiful and reasonable priced.. But was told that they don't ship Zara home to the United States.. Hope that they will open a Zara home here soon:-)