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Pizza-Making Vending Machine

Let’s Pizza, a vending machine that creates pizzas from scratch in 2.5 minutes is coming to a city near you. Well, in Atlanta. It will be the first in the U.S.

I live right down the street from a cupcake vending machine (Sprinkles), and the lines wrap around several blocks…all day, every day, so I can only imagine what a pizza vending machine line would look like. You have to watch the video below – it shows the ordering process step by step.

The dough is made in 2 minutes, then it’s topped and cooked in an infrared oven, and comes out “untouched by human hands” in less than 3 minutes. According to the amazing video, it is “a healthy genuine Italian pizza … with a guarantee of total hygiene.” Total hygiene, people. Suggested retail is $5.95.

Amani Shaka
Amani Shaka

I don't trust it. What if the machine get jammed? How often do they change/replenish the machine with the ingredients? At some point someone IS touching the ingredients to put them in that machine so what is the point? I rather just go to a shop and talk to a person and if something is wrong with my pizza I can talk to that person and not call a 1800 number to discuss the issue with a machine.

Jae Breezy
Jae Breezy

If I'm going to cheat it is not going to be with vending machine pizza