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Cape Metal Embellished Shirt + Gray Skinnies

I haven’t been myself all week. My heart has been aching and I’m trying so hard to put a smile on my face.

I’m sure you all have heard by now that a plane crashed into a residential neighborhood in Lagos, Nigeria, killing all 153 passengers + 4 on the ground. You can read more about it here.

Well, I knew a good amount of people on that plane, including kids. Please keep them and the families/friends/loved ones affected in your prayers. May their beautiful souls rest in perfect peace. Amen!

Get The Look:

Cape Shirt – c/o Romwe and available here.

Gray Skinnies: Option 1 (all sizes) |  Option 2 | Option 3 (on super sale).

Shoes – Gucci Piped Sandals. Bag- YSL Muse. Enjoy…xx



  1. tazzgriffin2 June 7, 2012 Reply

    I’m so sorry for your loss.  May the Lord send his angels to comfort all who are grieving.

  2. TiJuana Kitchen June 7, 2012 Reply

    You can make anything look good.

  3. La vie, tu parles d'un long fleuve tranquille June 7, 2012 Reply

    Really love your outfit…specially ur heels!! xx

  4. ChiChi June 7, 2012 Reply

    Hi, Folake …. The tragedy is heartbreaking, i don’t personally know anybody on the flight but you have to be heartless not to feel the pain.
    The nation is in mourning. We can only pray for their souls and ask the good Lord to comfort their family.

  5. Nae Deen June 7, 2012 Reply

    Love the shoes & bag too!

  6. Natalie Nanbu Polk June 7, 2012 Reply

    Dang, I don’t if I could pull off rocking a cape but I would sure like to try!

  7. Tash Nicky Richardson June 7, 2012 Reply

    I want those shoes and that bag! LOL! Great styling as always!

  8. Regina Gold June 7, 2012 Reply

    You look so good. I have said it before but I will say it again, you have the best bag & shoe collection.

  9. Regina Gold June 7, 2012 Reply

    PS- Sorry for your loss. Heard about the plane crash, so heartbreaking.

  10. Isela Pena-Rager June 7, 2012 Reply

    Folake, Chris had heard the news, but I had not, and now, I’m a mess at work. I am deeply saddened; and, my heart reaches out to you and all those grieving. Sending you love and beautiful thoughts. –Isela

  11. Kenya Harris June 7, 2012 Reply

    oooh Janelle Moet-esq. I like.

  12. Dela Tema D'Oyen June 7, 2012 Reply

    This is very sad… I hope you are ok ..

  13. Adenike Bankole-Watson June 7, 2012 Reply

    Very very sad times. So may lives lost/so many people affected. This is a tragedy that will be in our hearts/minds………though you may feel down you do look great. Hugs coming your way 🙂 xx

  14. StylePantry.com June 7, 2012 Reply

    Thank you all so much. Yes, it is such a tragedy – all we can do is pray! Thanks again.

  15. Dorothy L. Myers June 7, 2012 Reply

    Keep your head up Sis! It is so hard to explain things like this. I will pray for God’s peace to surround you and the families and friends of those lost in the crash.

  16. Jane N. Morton June 7, 2012 Reply

    so very sorry for your losses!

  17. sdafrasanou June 7, 2012 Reply

    I am so so sorry for your loss! May their souls rest in peace.

  18. whitneypie June 8, 2012 Reply

    I’ll be praying for that community and the family and friends of those who lost their lives. Stay strong.

  19. nylse June 20, 2012 Reply

    my daughter goes to usc and as you know it has quite a large nigerian population; many of her good friends are nigerian. She too was saddened by the loss. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as you go through this difficult time.

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