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Treehotel: Vacation In A Tree

We have all heard, seen or played in a treehouse. But have you seen a Treehotel or let alone sleep in one?

This Treehotel is deep in the forest of Sweden and it promiss to reconnect its guests with nature. Right now, there are currently five tree-rooms, but the owners Britta and Kent Lindvall, expect to build a total of 24 tree-rooms by 2012.

Each room is located four to six meters above the ground. Crazy, huh? Read more on their webbie here. Enjoy…xx

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  1. Rocquelle P. January 19, 2012 Reply

    WOW, this is rather amazing!  

  2. Anonymous January 19, 2012 Reply

    Sooo beautiful. Gosh, i wonder how expensive staying there would be! It’s like the perfect space for nature lovers.

  3. Cheris Courtney January 19, 2012 Reply

    Interesting. I never would’ve thought that the interior of each room looked the way it does. Crazy & kinda cool at the same time. I would consider visiting it just to get a hands-on look. Not too sure if I’d want to stay in it overnight though. I think I need more people around me than wooded area.

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