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Manhattan Loft Featuring Real Life Stuffed Animals

I love everything about this Manhattan loft owned by Eric Good. Well, almost everything. That’s until I read that the space also features a stuffed lion, bulldog and a drawer containing human bones (including articulated feet). Err..say what?

Mr. Goode is reportedly well know in the NY club scene. Most especially the nightlife in the 80s. He is the owner of the legendary club ‘Area’.

Loved the old wood floors, Chinese lanterns, the colors and overall vintage feel of this loft. But I wonder how PETA would feel about his choice animal decorations?!?

It should be noted, however, that all the animals in the loft have died of natural causes because Erica Goode is strongly opposed to the idea of killing animals. How do you all feel about that? Does it make a difference?

Personally, I’d be scared shitless. Period. Enjoy…xx




Thank u




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  1. Lisa January 10, 2012 Reply

    That is just creepy.  If you’ve seen the episode of Haven (SciFI Channel) where the stuffed animals come back to life and kill, that would deter most anyone!

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