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Nail Sculptures by Marcus Levine

Some people were born with an extraordinary gift to design amazing artwork. So is the case for UK artist, Marcus Levine, who creates figurative and abstract images with common tools such as a hammer and black/silver nails.

His freehand masterpieces begin with an aluminum panel or wood board canvas and can use up to 50,000 nails.

Levine’s first masterpiece was created in 2005 and he has since perfected his craft. He believes he can utilize his sculptures to invite the sighted, unsighted, young and old to touch his creations…to gain something useful from the experience. Amazing! Enjoy…xx


Hello, okay?We are passionate about art and Marcus Levine would like to invite you to visit our blog and see this new concept in art: A new technique and reproduce pictures and images using only nails fixed on a panel!We would love to know your opinions about this new art to which simple nails reproduce the image of a person, an animal, etc.. Creating an interesting 3D effect of shadows and depth.Our blog is pregandocomarte.blogspot.comMany thanks for your attention.graciouslyCelia / Celso Silva